2014 Espy Run
5 Apr 2014


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PosRace NoNameNet TimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosClubTeamCityState
13Chris WigellFinishedOpen Male1Male1Adelaide Triathlon Club
2129Adam BishopFinished30341Male2Not a member of a Club
39Matt WhiteFinishedOpen Male2Male3Triple Zero Triathlon Club
48Brad WauerFinishedOpen Male3Male4Lakers Triathlon Club
5127Matt EvansFinished40441Male5SA
6107Mawien AganyFinished15161Male6Other
76Adriano PaviaFinishedOpen Male4Male7Other
84Madeleine OldfieldFinishedOpen Female1Female1Other
925Catherine ClohesyFinished17191Female2Adelaide Triathlon Club
101Andrew BartlettFinished50541Male8Adelaide Triathlon ClubGZ and the Prez
112Julianne SchliebsFinishedOpen Female2Female3Lakers Triathlon Club
1217Ben AngelFinished45491Male9Adelaide Triathlon Club
13110Stan GarlandFinished45492Male10Lakers Triathlon Club
14118Nick DawsonFinishedOpen Male5Male11Not a member of a Club
1523Tyron GeorgeFinished20241Male12Pirie Ranges Tri Club
1630Mandy TowlerFinished45491Female4Adelaide Triathlon Club
1727Peter AllcroftFinished50542Male13Adelaide Triathlon Club
18105Lee MartinFinished45493Male14Not a member of a Club
19101Megan RyanFinished20241Female5Adelaide Triathlon Club
2018Kerry OwensFinished50543Male15Adelaide Triathlon Club
215Lisa AlbinusFinishedOpen Female3Female6Adelaide Triathlon Club
2224Tony BradyFinished60641Male16Lakers Triathlon Club
2332Lara SheanFinished25291Female7Adelaide Triathlon ClubTri Miracle Cider
2420Piet CrosbyFinished60642Male17Adelaide Triathlon Club
2513Peter SheridanFinished65691Male18Port Lincoln Triathlon Club
26121Alana MannersFinishedOpen Female4Female8Not a member of a Club
27106Robert LamondFinished45494Male19Not a member of a Club
28102Louise SkeltonFinished35391Female9Not a member of a Club
2911Mark KirtlandFinished50544Male20Lakers Triathlon Club
3028Sarah BroughamFinished35392Female10Port Lincoln Triathlon Club
3114Mike StockdaleFinished55591Male21Port Lincoln Triathlon Club
32104Millie AllcroftFinished20242Female11Adelaide Triathlon Club
337Anita MarquartFinishedOpen Female5Female12Adelaide Triathlon Club
3416Tina ParkinsonFinished45492Female13Port Lincoln Triathlon Club
35111Samantha TwelftreeFinished40441Female14Not a member of a Club
36100Ben RogersFinished30342Male22Not a member of a Club
37117Mark AlvarezFinished35391Male23Not a member of a Club
38115James FoleyFinishedOpen Male6Male24Not a member of a Club
39120Helen McSkimmingFinishedOpen Female6Female15Not a member of a Club
40103Samantha CornsFinished35393Female16Not a member of a Club
4115Karen McConnellFinished55591Female17Port Lincoln Triathlon Club
42119James MouldsFinishedOpen Male7Male25Not a member of a Club
43125Lara FreemanFinished17192Female18SA
44123Bridget CampbellFinishedOpen Female7Female19Not a member of a Club
45126Janet FreemanFinished50541Female20SA
46122Kim LettonFinishedOpen Female8Female21Not a member of a Club
47108David Cruickshanks-BoydFinished60643Male26Not a member of a Club
48109Tina Cruickshanks-boydFinished60641Female22Not a member of a Club
10Oscar OgaiDNS2024MaleNot a member of a Club
12Tony RyanDNS5559MaleAdelaide Triathlon Club
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