2015 Espy Runs
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Race Series
11 Apr 2015
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Race No
Last Name
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
121ChrisWigellFinishedOpen Male1Male1Adelaide Triathlon Club Aberfoyle ParkSA 3:17 min/km
2430AndrewTrantorFinished17191Male2Not A Member Of A Club Maiden GullyVIC 3:22 min/km
3434PaulMulhollandFinished35391Male3Not A Member Of A Club Port WillungaSA 3:22 min/km
47StevenMckennaFinishedOpen Male2Male4Lakers Triathlon Club Kensington ParkSA 3:27 min/km
5402MawienAganyFinishedOpen Male3Male5   SA 3:34 min/km
6432MattEvansFinished40441Male6Not A Member Of A Club Port WillungaSA 3:39 min/km
7431BrettAbbottFinished20241Male7Not A Member Of A Club StrathalbynSA 3:46 min/km
8437RyanToolanFinished35392Male8Not A Member Of A Club Port WillungaSA 3:52 min/km
9429PaulToddFinished35393Male9Not A Member Of A Club SelbyVIC 3:54 min/km
102TimothyForbesFinished30341Male10Not A Member Of A Club EdwardstownSA 4:00 min/km
118TimValeFinished45491Male11Lakers Triathlon Club Currency CreekSA 4:06 min/km
1225WilliamMacneilFinished35394Male12Adelaide Triathlon Club AdelaideSA 4:09 min/km
13446SteveUmneyFinishedOpen Male4Male13Other Sellicks BeachSA 4:10 min/km
1435StanGarlandFinished50541Male14Lakers Triathlon Club IronbankSA 4:10 min/km
1511AnitaMarquartFinishedOpen Female1Female1Adelaide University Triathlon Club GrangeSA 4:21 min/km
16413RebeccaRichardsFinished25291Female2   SA 4:23 min/km
17444KateForbesFinished30341Female3Not A Member Of A Club EdwardstownSA 4:25 min/km
1818MandyTowlerFinished45491Female4Adelaide Triathlon Club PenningtonSA 4:28 min/km
1917KerryOwensFinished50542Male15Adelaide Triathlon Club ParksideSA 4:31 min/km
2047JessMadsenFinishedOpen Female2Female5Adelaide Triathlon Club Kensington GardensSA 4:32 min/km
2113SarahBroughamFinished35391Female6Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Streaky BaySA 4:33 min/km
2232PeterSheridanFinished65691Male16Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 4:34 min/km
2320MichaelVan DoornFinished45492Male17Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 4:36 min/km
2419KarstenOelkersFinished35395Male18Adelaide Triathlon Club BromptonSA 4:42 min/km
2546TeamTrivalebrewingFinished40441Mixed1Adelaide Triathlon Club LeabrookSA 4:48 min/km
26443KathrynYoungFinished45492Female7Not A Member Of A Club Elizabeth ParkSA 4:48 min/km
27442OliverKnightFinished20242Male19Not A Member Of A Club Roseville ChaseNSW 4:53 min/km
28445SarahRyanFinished20241Female8Adelaide Triathlon Club ErindaleSA 4:56 min/km
29447NatalieStaudacherFinishedOpen Female3Female9Not A Member Of A Club Trott ParkSA 4:57 min/km
3031RuthStroutFinished50541Female10Riverland Triathlon Club RenmarkSA 5:01 min/km
31448AndrewMartinFinishedOpen Male5Male20Not A Member Of A Club Christie DownsSA 5:07 min/km
3242StephenCornsFinished40442Male21Adelaide Triathlon Club Fulham GardensSA 5:10 min/km
3343LilyTowlerFinished17191Female11Adelaide Triathlon Club PenningtonSA 5:11 min/km
3429ElizabethHammondFinished55591Female12Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 5:13 min/km
35449EvelineAstonFinishedOpen Female4Female13Not A Member Of A Club MallalaSA 5:13 min/km
3630NadiaMillsFinished45493Female14Riverland Triathlon Club Renmark SouthSA 5:19 min/km
37441HelenMcskimmingFinished65691Female15Not A Member Of A Club Aldinga BeachSA 5:25 min/km
3828MikeStockdaleFinished60641Male22Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Pt LincolnSA 5:26 min/km
3912SamanthaTwelftreeFinished40441Female16Not A Member Of A Club MalvernSA 5:30 min/km
40452BridgetCampbellFinishedOpen Female5Female17Not A Member Of A Club Morphett ValeSA 5:33 min/km
4134RobynLambertFinished25292Female18Adelaide Triathlon Club TorrensvilleSA 5:33 min/km
4216MattBeardFinished50543Male23Tribe Triathlon Club AdeladieSA 5:34 min/km
43450PaulCampbellFinishedOpen Male6Male24Not A Member Of A Club Morphett ValeSA 5:35 min/km
4433KarenMcconnellFinished60641Female19Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 5:41 min/km
45453HeatherVan ErpFinishedOpen Female6Female20Not A Member Of A Club SeafordSA 6:04 min/km
46438TrishLillywhiteFinished55592Female21Not A Member Of A Club Port WillungaSA 6:04 min/km
47433MerleCarterFinished50542Female22Other Hallett CoveSA 6:19 min/km
48436AlisonWichmannFinished30342Female23Not A Member Of A Club Port WillungaSA 6:23 min/km
49435ConnieVosnakisFinished40442Female24Not A Member Of A Club Port WillungaSA 6:27 min/km
50439JennyDunnFinished30343Female25Not A Member Of A Club Port WillungaSA 6:28 min/km
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