2015 Snorkel Safari Open Water Swims
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Race Series
11 Apr 2015
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Race No
Last Name
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
121ChrisWigell26:41Open Male1Male1Adelaide Triathlon Club Aberfoyle ParkSA 80.1 sec/100m
2363SamBolch26:5425291Male2Adelaide Triathlon Club MarinoSA 80.7 sec/100m
37StevenMckenna27:44Open Male2Male3Lakers Triathlon Club Kensington ParkSA 83.2 sec/100m
4365NickyMckay29:14Open Female1Female1Not A Member Of A Club Bray ParkQLD 87.7 sec/100m
5366GeorgyFalster30:1320241Female2Not A Member Of A Club Hyde ParkSA 90.7 sec/100m
6348MeredithRyan30:3340441Female3Adelaide Triathlon Club AdelaideSA 91.7 sec/100m
7349BenjaminTripodi31:0820241Male4Not A Member Of A Club Flagstaff HillSA 93.4 sec/100m
811AnitaMarquart32:11Open Female2Female4Adelaide University Triathlon Club GrangeSA 96.6 sec/100m
923DavidAllen32:1945491Male5Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 97.0 sec/100m
10350MaryanneHeffernan33:2855591Female5Not A Member Of A Club BrightonSA 100 sec/100m
1135StanGarland34:2950541Male6Lakers Triathlon Club IronbankSA 103 sec/100m
1213SarahBrougham34:5735391Female6Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Streaky BaySA 105 sec/100m
132TimothyForbes35:2330341Male7Not A Member Of A Club EdwardstownSA 106 sec/100m
14466MarkKirtland35:3855591Male8   SA 107 sec/100m
156PeterClements35:4055592Male9Not A Member Of A Club NorwoodSA 107 sec/100m
168TimVale35:5545492Male10Lakers Triathlon Club Currency CreekSA 108 sec/100m
1718MandyTowler36:0045491Female7Adelaide Triathlon Club PenningtonSA 108 sec/100m
1828MikeStockdale36:2560641Male11Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Pt LincolnSA 109 sec/100m
1919KarstenOelkers37:0235391Male12Adelaide Triathlon Club BromptonSA 111 sec/100m
2046TeamTrivalebrewing38:1530341Mixed1Adelaide Triathlon Club LeabrookSA 115 sec/100m
2147JessMadsen38:46Open Female3Female8Adelaide Triathlon Club Kensington GardensSA 116 sec/100m
22360KathrynYoung38:5845492Female9Not A Member Of A Club Elizabeth ParkSA 117 sec/100m
2343LilyTowler39:3317191Female10Adelaide Triathlon Club PenningtonSA 119 sec/100m
2417KerryOwens39:3950542Male13Adelaide Triathlon Club ParksideSA 119 sec/100m
2534RobynLambert39:4725291Female11Adelaide Triathlon Club TorrensvilleSA 119 sec/100m
26361KateForbes40:2830341Female12Not A Member Of A Club EdwardstownSA 121 sec/100m
2720MichaelVan Doorn40:3345493Male14Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 122 sec/100m
2831RuthStrout40:4950541Female13Riverland Triathlon Club RenmarkSA 122 sec/100m
2933KarenMcconnell41:0960641Female14Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 123 sec/100m
3032PeterSheridan41:3365691Male15Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 125 sec/100m
3116MattBeard43:1250543Male16Tribe Triathlon Club AdeladieSA 130 sec/100m
32357MelissaShortman43:4430342Female15Trikings Triathlon Club Modbury HeightsSA 131 sec/100m
33417ScottRowlands43:5455593Male17   SA 132 sec/100m
34354KaySutton44:1155592Female16Adelaide Triathlon Club Wattle ParkSA 133 sec/100m
35355ChristopherMciver44:3940441Male18Meteors Triathlon Club Morphett ValeSA 134 sec/100m
36352AngelaKnight45:5655593Female17Not A Member Of A Club Roseville ChaseNSW 138 sec/100m
3725WilliamMacneil47:5935392Male19Adelaide Triathlon Club AdelaideSA 144 sec/100m
38351BernieWard50:3850544Male20Not A Member Of A Club Croydon ParkSA 152 sec/100m
3930NadiaMills50:4245493Female18Riverland Triathlon Club Renmark SouthSA 152 sec/100m
4042StephenCorns50:4240442Male21Adelaide Triathlon Club Fulham GardensSA 152 sec/100m
4129ElizabethHammond55:1555594Female19Port Lincoln Triathlon Club Port LincolnSA 166 sec/100m
1SamSuttonNot started4044MaleNot A Member Of A Club North BrightonSA sec/100m
3KazunoriKobayashiNot startedOpen MaleMaleNot A Member Of A Club AdelaideSA sec/100m
5AdrianMccabeNot startedOpen MaleMaleNot A Member Of A Club Salter SpringsSA sec/100m
10TrevorSkewesNot started70+MaleMeteors Triathlon Club AldgateSA sec/100m
12SamanthaTwelftreeNot started4044FemaleNot A Member Of A Club MalvernSA sec/100m
14AaronBuchanNot started3539MaleMeteors Triathlon Club Westlakes ShoreSA sec/100m
22ValLambertNot started70+FemaleAdelaide Triathlon Club AdelaideSA sec/100m
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